50 Shades of Grey

I have finally finished reading the ‘trilogy’ of the Fifty Shades series.  At first I was hesitant to read it.  I listened to a bunch of mixed reviews.  Most people believed it was a porn turned into a novel.  A hardcore ‘Harlequin’ of sorts.  I work in a porn shop, so I really had no interest in reading something I’m around all day.  However thanks to some “Facebook friends” I gave in.

First, if the entire book was about sex, most people would only have read a few pages and given up.  There is a story to it.  The main male character, Christian Grey, a very successful, charming, handsome man, had a very fucked up childhood.  The type of sex he has ever known was BDSM.  Besides the bondage portion of sex in the book, I really don’t know why it caused such an uproar in entertainment and news.  I want to say this the first book to ever bring up BDSM sex, but I’m not 100% sure.

Second, I have no idea how this book was ever published with as many grammatical errors it had.  I am certainly no editor, but obviously if EL can write a book-anyone can!

Third, I see what women like about these books.  Before I even got to the “sex portion” I was already charmed by Christian Grey.  His confidence and success would make any woman swoon.  Most women love a man like that.  From my view, I believe women love a man who is in charge and in control.  I think that because women have spent years trying to be equal to men in the workforce, and in a way women have lost a little of their femininity.  Women have become too aggressive and independent.  And to me they have forgotten how men are and were (to me) supposed to be.  So they see this strong and confident character and they’re drawn to that.  But one thing I bet women won’t notice is how men (in real life) have turned into softer, emotional creatures.  It’s as if more men have picked up the emotions that women used to and some do still have.  So therefore because women fought to be equal they lost what they want and need in a male partner.  Also they’re more concerned about their own needs and forget how to take care of a man.  Ever since these books have been out I have gotten a lot of couples coming in to my store asking about bondage type products.  I feel that because it has been in national news and an entertainment trend, women are now open to try these type of sex acts.  If 50 Shades of Grey never became popular then women would never have paid attention to that type of lifestyle.  Women value other people’s opinions before their man in their life.  And as women read this book it got them excited to try it.  I can almost assure you that if a man brings up the idea to try new sex acts to his gf/wife she would find him disgusting for wanting to do such things.  Or she would think that he is doing such acts with another person, which would lead to an even bigger issue with the relationship.

Finally, my first confession: I enjoyed the book series.  If you have not read 50 Shades Darker, or 50 Shades Freed, you really should so you can understand the entire story.

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