The best job ever



“You have the best job ever.” People say this to me all the time. After being here six years I’m not sure why people find it so great.  Well, maybe I should say nothing surprises me about my job.  Be it a product or any questions people ask, nothing embarrasses me.  Yesterday a man easily in his 50s was turning 12 different shades of red asking for a lubricant.  Later on in the day I had a couple, middle aged man and woman, who from the moment they entered the store till the moment they left were talking with me and having a great time asking about toys and such.  You would be surprised how many customers, men and women both, who are too nervous to ask me for what they need.  My job is to help you find the perfect toy, movie, lube, ball gag, lol anything you need or want!  There are several different types of customers that frequent my store.  More than I can even write about in one blog post.  There are people who come in and look so pissed off.  It always makes me wonder how anyone can be mad in a store that’s geared towards pleasure.  Couples are always interesting to see.  Most of the time the woman will give me dirty looks, as if to say, “Don’t look at my man,” or “she must be a slut to work at a store like this.”  And what’s funny is they pay more attention giving me the evil eye to even enjoy being in the shop with their man and finding a product that could make their night amazing.  They will end up leaving with nothing, and the men look disappointed but I’m sure to prevent an argument in public they leave willingly.  Then women wonder why men cheat..well when he was trying to get you to open up sexually, you denied the opportunity because you got angry.  That’s also another topic for another blog.

A word of advice, leave your “embarrassment” at the door.  Clearly there is only one reason why you’re there.  Also, don’t be nervous or shy to ask questions.  If you want to know about a product you’re better off asking instead of making a purchase that in the end might not be the product for you.  Any questions you have, believe me I have heard it all.  It’s sex, it’s fun and healthy.  Don’t make it depressing!! 

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