Sex Lubricants


“Wet” “System JO” “Foreplay” “KY” “Swiss Navy” there are hundreds of different brands of lubricants out there in the world. Water, oil, and silicone based. Warming, cooling, and flavored. The question is, “What is the best lube?”. Most people, when choosing, want a lubricant that doesn’t get sticky. If you have used lubricants before, then you know what I mean. Sadly most lubricants just end up that way!

Most people opt out for water based because they tend to be cheaper. If you think about it, the water based ones will end up absorbed in the skin and dry out faster, so you will have to use more than you probably intended to. The best water based lube I recommend is called Slippery Stuff. You can’t beat the price on it, and you normally can use less than you would with any other water based lube. Also, System JO makes for a really great option. Those are the top two that work well without the sticky mess. Wet 4-in-1 Fun Flavors is a good product as well because it’s a lubricant, massage, warming, and flavored. Two water based lubricants I would not recommend are Astroglide, because it gets sticky, and KY original formula because it has been known to cause yeast infections in women. But KY is a decent brand for anal.

For silicone lubricant I think the best out there is Wet Platinum. The price is a little higher than a water based, but it is extremely worth it. System JO makes great silicone lubricants that I would recommend also. Those are the top two silicone based lubes that do not get sticky. I should mention if you choose and oil based lubricant you cannot use it with latex toys, or latex condoms. It can create tiny holes in the latex.

For anal sex most customers are looking for a desensitizing lubricant. Anal-Eaze is the top choice. It’s priced fairly and it gets the job done, hopefully pain free, if it’s used right! People tend to scare away from it because we have Cherry Flavor Anal-Eaze. When they ask me why it’s flavored, and I explain that it’s for people who enjoy ass to mouth sex they look at me in disgust. I’m not telling you to do that. I’m just answering your question. If you don’t want to know, then don’t ask!

These are just my opinions. When you shop for a lubricant you should buy small bottles, or one-use packets if possible, to see what works best for you solely or you and your partner.

Happy gliding! ūüėČ

Dick Pills


“Big & Hard” “Stiff Nights” “Stiff One” “Rock Hard” “Max Size”

All of these plus many more we have in stock, show the “promise” of a bigger penis, and prolonging ejaculation. ¬†The top question asked, “Do they really work?”. ¬†I try not to chuckle because how would I know? ¬†Having a vagina and all! ¬†I understand that because I work there, I should have knowledge of all the products. ¬†I could look up online reviews and cross reference ingredients to see what was really proven to work and what is a load of shit. ¬†That’s too much work! ¬†I go straight to the source, my regular customers. ¬†Men who purchase these pills daily/weekly. ¬†Then I use that information accordingly. ¬†One thing I have learned that the price on the pill doesn’t matter. ¬†Some “cheap-o” ones work a lot better than the expensive ones. ¬†I should also add that for some men the popular “users choice” doesn’t work for them. ¬†So if I tell you what sells the most and it doesn’t work, I apologize. ¬†I cannot make promises on something that I personally don’t know.

What surprises me most is the amount of younger men who use these pills. ¬†I’m talking about men in their early 20s. ¬†Then that obviously ranges to men up in their 70s. ¬†Along with the “Do they really work?” is the added “Not that I have a problem.” ¬†That always makes me laugh. Not in front of the customers, of course. You would think that if you don’t “have a problem” then you wouldn’t need the pills. ¬†But I’ve had a few tell me it’s just for “special occasions” to last longer than they usually do.

We also have the all time famous/popular brand Extenze. ¬†This is one product that is supposed to make your penis larger. ¬†You’ve seen the late night commercials. ¬†You’ve heard the male porn stars promote it. ¬†Yet I only know one faithful customer to the product. ¬†Unfortunately he’s not that much of a talker, so I couldn’t get too much out of him except, “I’ve seen a difference.” ¬†I know it’s a product that has to be taken everyday and could take up to 2 weeks before you see results. ¬†Also, it is expensive. ¬†We retail it for $60.95 for a 30-day pack. ¬†For some customers that’s way out of their price range, and they don’t want to waste money for something that has no promise of working.

Side effects; according to the packages it’s the usual things. ¬†Don’t take them if you have high blood pressure, do not take with alcohol, and you should speak with a physician before taking anything if you are on other medication. ¬†From what I’ve heard from my customers the most side effects they get are headaches and stomachaches. ¬†Which they say is completely worth it for the night they have. ¬†Personally, I am curious to know if there are any long term side effects. ¬†I wonder if it can cause a man to be infertile, or impotent.

“How do you keep a straight face?” ¬†Honestly, I have no clue. ¬†In a way it’s based off the customers personality. ¬†If he is jokingly asking then I will sort of chuckle it off with him. ¬†If he is being dead serious, then I will be serious and give him the facts that I know. ¬†So I really just try to mirror off their expressions.

I hope this entry has either made you laugh, or at least given you an insight on a portion of my job. ¬†It is 100% real and honest. ¬†Please feel free to share this for others to read, and or comment. ¬†You can find me on Twitter as well: @officialJ for more kick ass stories about my job in 140 characters, or less. ūüôā