Give Her Oral!




Fella’s if you think you enjoy head I’ll put any amount of money on the fact that your woman loves it just as much!

Some tips on how to give a woman great oral sex!

Tip 1: If you’re worried about how she will taste ask her to take a shower before hand. And you should brush your teeth and gargle mouth wash before going down on her. 

Tip 2: Switch up your techniques! Besides the basic tongue fucking and licking her clit, blow on it, kiss it, some women like their clit to be bitten (check with her first, you don’t want to hurt her if she’s not into it!) 

Tip 3: While sucking on her clit you should finger her pussy. Start with one finger and as you feel her get wetter go ahead and slide in two fingers. Or if she has a favorite toy go ahead and use that on her.

Tip 4: Her outer lips are also great sensitive areas, lick and suck on them.

Tip 5: The clit is the answer. The clitoris has millions of nerve endings! You think the tip of your penis gets sensitive- pay lots attention to her clit and watch her orgasm like never before!

Tip 6: As you bring her closer to orgasm, some women will tell you to stop or start moving back, because they feel like they might pee on you. Don’t stop! This is where you hold on tight and keep going.

Tip 7: Let her guide you. Women like to be in control. If she’s telling you where to go and what to do, just do it. She’s helping you out. And that knowledge will be great for the next time you go down on her. 

Those are just some basic tips. The more you practice, the better you’ll be. Also be prepared for her to grab your head and hold you closer! 

Eating her out while she’s on her back is fun. While she’s on her hands and knees you should eat her from behind. Different positions make it more fun! 

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