Are spitters quitters?



To spit or to swallow?  That is the question.  I’ve written oral tips for men and for women.  I thought I would brush up on the finale of oral.  What do you do with a mouth full?  Will the other person be insulted if you don’t swallow?  

Let’s start with men.  Most that I have asked, do not care either way if a woman spits or swallows.  My guess is, as long as they climax they don’t care what you choose to do with it.  Personally, I think it’s easier to just swallow.  90% of the time you can’t taste it- depending on the position of the head of the penis in your mouth.  If it’s further in your mouth you will not taste it.  If it’s at the tip of your lips you will definitely taste it.  And if you dislike the taste that much, I’ve mentioned in “Give Him Oral” how to fix that.  If it’s still awful to you, then go ahead and spit.  Ladies, keep it classy.  Do not make a big fuss and run around looking for a place to spit.  Keep a cloth or tissue nearby and quietly spit it out.  You could also make sure he doesn’t explode in your mouth and have him release himself somewhere else that you’re more comfortable with.  And if you spit, you are not a quitter!  He came, and that’s all that should matter!

Now for men that will spit out a woman’s juices.  This has me so confused.  I do not know who you’ve gone down on, but if you have to spit her’s out then maybe you should not be giving her oral at all.  A woman is wet from the moment you start to finish.  If there is a bad taste to begin with, then you should not finish!  

I’ve never heard of a man admit that he was upset about a woman spitting.  If you find yourself in that position where your man gets upset, do not feel bad!  Most men want their women to act like porn stars.  Porn stars get paid to swallow!  You are not getting paid for it, and if you are…well that’s a completely different topic!  

So to wrap this up, do what you’re comfortable with.  Enjoy! 



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