“This type of stuff”




I’ve been pondering the sentence “this type of stuff” all day.  I had an older gentleman today buy a few toys.  He was asking what batteries each toy took and so on, and told me that his girlfriend is new to “this type of stuff”.  I’ve heard this several times in the past seven years I’ve been at the store.  I can’t help to wonder why women are so new to purchasing and using toys.  When I hear that phrase it becomes frustrating, because it seems people are too sheltered.  

Now what is this type of stuff they’re referring to?  I can not answer that.  Is it the environment?  The content?  Do they feel they will be judge by those in the store?  To me, it’s like going to a department store.  You’re there for a purpose, and hopefully that purpose is pleasure.  In my opinion, if you’re having sex, you should not be embarrassed by objects at a adult bookstore.  Sex is natural.  Sex is a part of life.  So what is wrong with talking about it, and or, being around it?  When shopping at a sex shop, no one is forcing you to purchase anything you are not wanting to purchase.  I’ve been asking around and most people agree with me.  I did have one opinion that made sense to me.  Even though a couple may be sexually active, they may not have ever used toys or watched porn while in the act.  So therefore they would be nervous/intimidated to walk into a sex shop.

Personally, I’ll never forget my first trip to a adult bookstore.  I remember the first toy I bought.  I was 18.  My friends and I were finally at the age to where we were allowed to go to porn shops.  Most of us were already sexually active, so we were excited to see what was out there.  It was pretty intimidating at first.  Besides getting weird looks from the men that were browsing the store, seeing all the novelties was amusing to us.  I remember all I could think about was what the hell to buy.  I didn’t know the difference between any of the toys at the time.  I thought they all did the same thing.  The guy behind the counter was older and not that friendly looking, so I didn’t dare approach him for any help.  I was looking at the vibrators and I seen a cute straight pink one.  It was $17.99 and being a broke college kid at the time, it was in the perfect price range for me.  I was the only one out of my group of friends to buy something.  And I was ridiculed of it.  Which even back then, I didn’t know why it was such a big deal to them.  I they weren’t looking to buy anything, I couldn’t figure out why we even had stopped there then. I brought it up to the register.  The clerk asked if I needed batteries, and I remember blushing because my friends were laughing when he said that.  I politely said no, handed him the cash, and I was on my way.  That was my first experience with buying and using a toy.  I had never found it to be odd, or wrong.  If anything I think it’s great for women to keep at least one in her house. 

In this day and age I would think people would be more open sexually and not think of adult bookstores as a taboo or a dirty book store.  Like I’ve said in a previous post, it is a fun environment.  No intimidation or judgement.  The people who work at these stores now are very friendly and willing to help you out if needed.  And if you’re that nervous, I suggest browsing the internet and checking things out before you head out to your local sex shop.  That way you know what to expect when you walk in.  Become familiar with it and have fun with it!  


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