Buttman OCD




For the past seven years at my job I’ve had one particular customer that does the exact same thing every single time he visits.  An older white male, who drives a silver VW Bug.  He comes to the store once every few weeks.  He parks in the same spot.  He gets out of his car, walks around it a few times, then comes in the store.  He will glance up at the counter to see who is working.  Then he walks over towards the magazines.  His choice of magazine, Buttman.  

He picks one up, and sets it down.  He will pick the second one up and set it down.  We have over 20 or more Buttman’s in stock and he will pick each one up individually and set them down, two to three times.  He will walk away.  A few seconds later he comes back to the rack and looks does the same routine.  He stays in the store for over a half hour.  The longest I’ve seen him there is a good 90 minutes.  Sometimes he will walk out and not purchase anything.  Walk to his car.  Walk around it a few times.  Then get in and leave.  Other times, once he’s looked over the Buttman magazines thoroughly, he brings a stack over to me.  At least 4-8 packs of two.  

He sets them on the counter and tells me “I have to run out to my car, I left my phone in there.  I collect these magazines for friends of mine who can not leave their homes, and I want to make sure I have the right ones.  Can you just hold these for me for a few minutes, I will be right back in.”  I always say sure, no problem at all.  I watch him from the security cameras, walk outside and stand on the sidewalk.  He never walks to his car to “make a phone call” he just stands there for a few minutes and then he comes back in.  

He walks back over to me and says “Okay, these are the right ones.  You know this 2 for $15 is a great deal for these magazines and I can’t pass up on such a great deal.”  I smile and ring up the magazines and he will pull out cash and pay.  I give him his change and he says “I’m going to set these on the counter while I put my money away, is that okay?”  Again, sure that’s no problem.  He then spreads his change down on the counter and stares at it.  He slides the dimes and nickels around so they are in order.  Then picks one up at a time and puts the coins in his pocket.  He reaches for his car keys in his pocket and walks down an aisle and stares at his keys and practices in mid-air how he unlocks his car doors.  Then he walks back and grabs his bags and leaves.  Walks to his car, walks around it a few times, opens the passenger door and places his bags inside, gets in the driver seat and finally leaves.  

Every single time.  Says the exact thing every time.  It used to drive me insane.  I became so annoyed by him saying the same thing all the time, because I felt as if he was acting like he’s never seen me before.  I’ve come to realize that he must have some sort of OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) and that’s why he does the things he does.  


I felt the need to share that story because people ask me about the type of customers I get.  I do get the fair share of super creeps.  But Mr. OCD himself is such a fascinating story, in my eyes.  And trust me, you will definitely hear more about my stories from work.  😉 


For those of you who don’t know or never heard of Buttman magazines here is a link.  It is full of hardcore photos, interviews, nasty stories and more.  



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Teen Mom


Many of you have heard about Farrah Abraham and her new sex tape made with James Deen.  James Deen is one of the most popular male adult performers in the industry right now.  If you don’t know who Farrah is, she became known as part of MTV’s reality show Teen Mom.  The show follows young women who became pregnant with it’s main focus on the teens struggle with family, friends, school, and work, while navigating their way through motherhood.

Now in the past few weeks rumors were flying around about a sex tape.  All the bloggers were having the time of their life with this story.  The amount of hatred towards Farrah had skyrocketed.  Deenagers were mad.  I’ve been reading blogs, tweets, tumblr posts, anything related to the topic to try and figure out why everyone was so disgusted by this.  Comparisons to her and other celebrities were brought up.  I just want to know, if any woman makes a sex tape will we all be compared to Kim Kardashian and her rise to fame?

There is a lot of slut-shaming going on.  What a woman chooses to do with her sex life is her business.  Stop with all the nonsense that she is now a “slut”.  You do not know her sexual history, and even if you do, it’s her business.  Any decisions people make are things that they have to live with.  Judging them and saying cruel things will not make you better off in anyway.

The fact that she has a child, does that mean she’s not allowed to have sex or be nude on camera?  If that’s the case you might want to take a look at a lot of celebrities.  Porn actors have children.  Non porn actors have done nude spreads in Playboy.  People think that the celebs don’t think about how they will tell their children of things they’ve done.  I am sure Farrah will explain to her child, when the time is right, what she did.  This does not make her a bad mother.  Farrah is still young, and with or without a child she should be able to live her life the way she wants to live it.

The lies that were said while the tape was being made are one thing everyone is upset about.  Clearly if you follow the right posts, and if you understand the English language, you know that close to 98% of that was staged.  There are so many people who have created drama to get people talking.  Think of the music industry.  When a few rappers or singers start to “beef” they catch your attention.  Then their album comes out and you are quick to buy it because you want to know if there are any hidden messages in the songs about the persons.  It’s the same thing when it comes to sex tapes.

My personal thoughts on the tape… Well let’s just say if James Deen wasn’t in it, it would have sucked completely.  Farrah does play it off as he is her boyfriend.  She asks him to cuddle, calls him baby a few dozen times.  He plays along to a minimum.  Farrah has a beautiful body.  I’ve read that people think James wasn’t attracted to her because he kept going flaccid.  Do you know how many guys go flaccid in regular pornos, but they are also on a set and can take breaks here and there and then start rolling the cameras again.  The beauty of this film is the TV in the room shows a clock.  If you watch the clock you see that there is no stopping.  The camera continues to roll.   I also feel in a way with Farrah calling him boyfriend and what not, in the future if people are still talking about it, it looks and sounds like she is making a movie with her man.  Not some paid actor.  I think Farrah was smart to do anal.  Most celeb sex tapes are all oral and vaginal.  She gives everyone something extra that we are not used to seeing from celebs.

You can read opinions and reviews on her tape all day long.  I suggest instead of reading about it, buy the movie and watch it for yourself.  You might enjoy it!!


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International Clitoris Awareness Week



May 6th-12th is International Clitoris Awareness Week!  This is the first time I’ve ever heard about it.  I think it’s a wonderful thing what Clitoraid does.  It’s such a shame what some women go through. 

Perfect timing considering it’s Masturbation Month!  Pay attention to the clit!  It has 8,000 nerve endings-that’s 3,000 more than a penis!  Guys, if you are unaware of how important the clit is, you need to work on that.  Clitoral stimulation through sex is amazing and will intensify a woman’s orgasm.  So while giving her oral, do not forget the clit!  Lick it, suck it, rub it, adore it!  While having sex, watch her rub it, or reach down and rub it for her.  

I was listening to XM radio last Friday and there was a discussion about it.  Men and women called in giving their thoughts about it and fellas, women are disappointed with you!  90% of the time during oral you are so focused on her pussy you do not wiggle your tongue up just a little further and lick her clit.  I can’t blame guys only.  Women you need to be more verbal and let a man know if he is not doing something right.  He would tell you if you’re head game was bad, right?  So when he’s down on you, relax.  As he’s doing his “moves” grab his head gently, or aggressively if you’re into that, and guide him where you want his tongue to go.  Talk to him through moans.  “Left..mmm.. Up.. to the right a little..mmm fuck.. that’s the fucking spot don’t fucking stop!”  The more reaction he gets from you, the more he knows to continue in certain spots.  If for some reason after that he still ignores it, I say do it yourself.  Rub it while he’s giving you oral, or feel free to keep a bullet or a toy pressed against your clit. 


Keep those orgasms coming! 



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