The Nympho and The Mormon

Jane Velez-Mitchell has me sooo mad about this nymphomaniac bullshit! I can’t get it out of my head. It’s utter bullshit to say that a woman who has a high sex drive is deemed dangerous and a nymphomaniac, but if a man has a high sex drive, that is completely normal??
And to say all this stuff that Jodi Arias (The Nympho) turned Travis Alexander (The Mormon) to the “dark side”!!
Seriously, you can not change someone. You can open their eyes to things, but you can not make them do anything they don’t want to do unless you hold a gun to their head.
Yes, she murdered him. She went bat shit crazy. But to paint this man as a godly man who would never do such things is complete bullshit!
To say that a woman is a nymphomaniac because she has 9-13 orgasms in one day and some how that links to turning her into a murderer is ridiculous.

I’m clearly taking this to heart, lol. ¬†Personally, I don’t think 9-13 is a lot. If you can have multiple orgasms one after the other what is wrong with that? What could be deemed ‘excessive’ to one person could be the exact opposite to another. I think a pot of coffee to drink before noon is excessive. You might think its completely normal!
I can appreciate other people’s opinions on the topic. But until you’ve had the fucking PLEASURE of enjoying 13 orgasms in one day, then you really can’t judge a “nymphomaniac” on it.

The media is so fucked up on how they view things. It’s not even how they personally view it, it’s how they want YOU to view it. We can all look at a pink flower and think it’s pink, but the media will say no that flower is fucking red, so now you’re going to be a sheep and say oh shit.. it actually is red.

This is just a nightly rant.. I plan to do more research on this nymphomaniac shit and see what doctors believe and can prove. But for now, it’s all my opinion.

Love it or hate it. =P



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