Pop Rocks Saturday

Pop Rocks

 We were shopping Thursday afternoon and while strolling down the candy aisle I saw a three pack of Pop Rocks.  I didn’t hesitate to pick them up.  Especially with what I had planned for them.  It was supposed to be Pop Rocks Friday, but we ended up being too busy.  Saturday afternoon had come and gone and we were finally able to sit down and relax.  Popped in the Wolf of Wall Street DVD and half way through it I had a slight oral craving.  Paused the movie and grabbed a pouch, Tropical Punch to be exact.  I honestly didn’t know how well this would work out, it was my first time adding something to the mix.

Everyone knows how Pop Rocks works.  As soon as you pop them in your mouth, they start to fizz and pop about.  They can only work on a wet surface.  So I thought it wouldn’t make much sense to pop them in my mouth and then give head.  I figured they would be too rough on the skin of the penis if it wasn’t well lubricated first.  I spent a good five minutes “lathering” him up.  My throat tingles at the pure memory of it.  I ripped open the pouch, asked if he was ready, we chuckled over it for a second, poured some in my mouth and went to town.  I could feel them popping about wildly in my mouth.  They were popping on his cock too, to which I found afterwards wasn’t a strong sensation.  It produced a lot more saliva, which then created more of a mess for me to clean up.  There were some that didn’t quite fully pop and they sort of pooled up together at the base of him.  Made it fun to deep-throat him and suck it all up.  The added flavor was a bonus I must admit.  Compared to the usual saliva taste, the fruitiness was delightful.

The afterglow of it all it what I enjoy best.  It’s pretty amazing how turned on I get from making him explode.  Would I use the Pop Rocks again?  Maybe.  Perhaps there is a trick to it that I haven’t quite mastered.  There may have been too much lubrication.  Or not enough Pop Rocks.  There is always room for improvement.  🙂


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You’re putting it where??!



Ahhh delightful anal sex!  Ladies, I know your thoughts on it.  Hell no, right?  “He must be gay if he wants to put it in my ass.  That’s an exit only.  It will hurt too much.”  I’ve heard every possible reason as to why women won’t try it.  Hell, I used to be that woman!  Guys, you should know that all women don’t like it.  Women are not like the porn performers that you watch on your favorite free tube sites.  If your woman refuses to do it, drop it and move on.  

Personally, I enjoy anal sex.  You would too if you practiced and relaxed a little bit.  For those who are open and curious to try it, this is my honest and true how-to guide. 

Start small.  Use a small vibrator or anal plug.  If that’s too much to start with, then you can always start with a finger.  If your man is going down on you, let him use how wet you are to play around that area.  More than likely one finger will feel like nothing and you’ll be ready to start using a toy.  

I strongly suggest using a toy before letting your man go to town.  With a toy you’re letting your body get comfortable with a object in a “foreign” area.  But hey, if you want your man to try with his penis that is your choice as well.  

Lubricant!  Use it!  I don’t care how wet you get.  For the first few times you will need as much lubricant as possible.  For more information about lubes just click here

To start you should take a shower or bath.  Relax.  Start slow.  There’s no need to rush the process.  Most women will rush it and end up hating it and never trying it again.  I’ve had numerous women come to my store and tell me their horror stories.  That’s why I also suggest to them buying Anal-ease.  It is a de-sensitizer and will basically make that area numb.  I, however, find it pointless to numb an area that’s so pleasurable.  But it’s good to use if you’re really stressed out about the pain of it.  

If you’re uncomfortable doing it by yourself, have your man use the toy on you.  Speak up.  If it’s too much at first, stop, breathe, and keep going.  Once you’re able to fit it all in, leave it there for a few minutes.  Then you should try to pull it out and put it back in.  Doing this will help you get used to the pressure.  What I’ve also found to help is using a vibrator or bullet on your clit.  Or just rub it.  We all know how pleasurable clitoral stimulation is.  The two combined will help you relax and possibly orgasm before you know it.  

See it’s not that bad, right?  Remove the toy and let your man enter you.  It will probably be a different feeling, depending on the size of the toy you used and the size of your man.  Remind him to go slow.  Use more lubricant.  You’re the one in control of this!  If it feels fine and you’re not in pain then let him continue how he normally would.  I can’t stress enough that you need to be vocal during this.  If you’re in too much pain or it’s altogether too much, take a break.  Try it another day.  

The more you practice the more you will enjoy it, and learn to love it.  You can move on to bigger and better toys.  Bigger plugs, vibrating plugs, who knows, even double penetration.  


I asked someone dear to me to give a male’s point of view. Below is his response: 

“Communicate.  Lots of lube.  And let her control the speed-even if it means standing utterly still for a while (feels almost impossible for the man…the drive to just go crazy is intense, but probably not beneficial in the beginning.)  Ask her ahead of time to maybe give you some pre-arranged signal for when she is comfortable enough for you to do what you want.  Or have her just tell you.”


Don’t forget to have fun.  It’s sex, and sex is great!  Remember to be safe if you’re not in a monogamous relationship.  After you’ve succeeded in your first rear entry encounter, give yourself a pat on the back.  Then go take a shower! 



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Make Your Penis Larger

The title looks like a spam email doesn’t it?


I had quite the day.  A couple came in who couldn’t look more opposite.  I’m 94% sure she was an escort.  She was grabbing products here and there and being extremely loud.  She came across the penis extensions and told him he needs to get one.

I laughed..to myself.. (I’m not that rude!)  Then I felt really embarrassed for the man.  I don’t care if you’re an escort, a girlfriend, a wife, you do not- under no circumstances whatsoever- tell the man you’re with that he needs one.  Especially in public!

As a woman, I wouldn’t want anyone to know if my man has a small cock.  I’m pretty sure a man wouldn’t want his woman talking about his size either.  I also do know that when you’re in a sex shop you should never be the one to pick up the extension (it shows other people that you’re not satisfied.)  Let him look at them and let him decide if he needs one.

The sheer purpose of a penis extension is to add length and girth.  They come in all shapes and sizes and textures.  Some even glow in the dark!  That would be super creepy to see a man’s dick glow in the dark like some sort of creepy eel…
If you’re already confident with your size, but still want a little more, then go ahead and get an extension.  I’m sure your woman would enjoy a big surprise like that.  Don’t get crazy with how long you go because size is definitely not everything! (ie: Unnecessary Inches)

If you have a small cock, making it larger does not mean it will improve your sex game.  Everyone knows it’s the motion in the ocean.  And if your ocean is calm, then you my friend need more than a penis extension!

If you’re wondering how they feel, I have no idea.  I do wonder if it will feel more like a dildo instead of a cock.  I have a guy who comes in about once a month to buy a new extension.  I’m intrigued as to why he get’s a new one all the time.  Some day I’ll have the balls to ask him.  For now I’ll let it remain a mystery.