Buttman OCD




For the past seven years at my job I’ve had one particular customer that does the exact same thing every single time he visits.  An older white male, who drives a silver VW Bug.  He comes to the store once every few weeks.  He parks in the same spot.  He gets out of his car, walks around it a few times, then comes in the store.  He will glance up at the counter to see who is working.  Then he walks over towards the magazines.  His choice of magazine, Buttman.  

He picks one up, and sets it down.  He will pick the second one up and set it down.  We have over 20 or more Buttman’s in stock and he will pick each one up individually and set them down, two to three times.  He will walk away.  A few seconds later he comes back to the rack and looks does the same routine.  He stays in the store for over a half hour.  The longest I’ve seen him there is a good 90 minutes.  Sometimes he will walk out and not purchase anything.  Walk to his car.  Walk around it a few times.  Then get in and leave.  Other times, once he’s looked over the Buttman magazines thoroughly, he brings a stack over to me.  At least 4-8 packs of two.  

He sets them on the counter and tells me “I have to run out to my car, I left my phone in there.  I collect these magazines for friends of mine who can not leave their homes, and I want to make sure I have the right ones.  Can you just hold these for me for a few minutes, I will be right back in.”  I always say sure, no problem at all.  I watch him from the security cameras, walk outside and stand on the sidewalk.  He never walks to his car to “make a phone call” he just stands there for a few minutes and then he comes back in.  

He walks back over to me and says “Okay, these are the right ones.  You know this 2 for $15 is a great deal for these magazines and I can’t pass up on such a great deal.”  I smile and ring up the magazines and he will pull out cash and pay.  I give him his change and he says “I’m going to set these on the counter while I put my money away, is that okay?”  Again, sure that’s no problem.  He then spreads his change down on the counter and stares at it.  He slides the dimes and nickels around so they are in order.  Then picks one up at a time and puts the coins in his pocket.  He reaches for his car keys in his pocket and walks down an aisle and stares at his keys and practices in mid-air how he unlocks his car doors.  Then he walks back and grabs his bags and leaves.  Walks to his car, walks around it a few times, opens the passenger door and places his bags inside, gets in the driver seat and finally leaves.  

Every single time.  Says the exact thing every time.  It used to drive me insane.  I became so annoyed by him saying the same thing all the time, because I felt as if he was acting like he’s never seen me before.  I’ve come to realize that he must have some sort of OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) and that’s why he does the things he does.  


I felt the need to share that story because people ask me about the type of customers I get.  I do get the fair share of super creeps.  But Mr. OCD himself is such a fascinating story, in my eyes.  And trust me, you will definitely hear more about my stories from work.  😉 


For those of you who don’t know or never heard of Buttman magazines here is a link.  It is full of hardcore photos, interviews, nasty stories and more.  



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