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Summer of 2010 is when I first learned about Exxxotica. Thanks to Twitter and a boring day at work.  It also helps to follow a few porn stars.  I seen one tweet about a porn star appearing at a expo and it was going to be in Edison, New Jersey.  I immediately looked up the website and was so excited to learn that it’s a traveling porn convention.  I have never been able to make it out to Vegas for the big shows and finally here comes an event close to home.
I attended the November 2010 expo.  It was held at a convention center.  Exxxotica is a three day event, Friday through Sunday.  I only went to Friday’s show and to be honest, one day is more than enough!  As soon as you walk in the room you’re greeted by a woman or two, dressed in sexy bikini clad outfits paired with fishnets and super tall heels, handing out plastic bags for you to use for any goodies you end up purchasing.  There are pink and black banners everywhere.  Music blaring.  Camera’s flashing.  You don’t really know where to start!
As you walk through you see lots of small booths throughout the room.  Here and there you’ll see free standing stripper poles with a few girls dancing around, and taking pictures with the guests.  There’s a huge swing with a hot model or two playing on it.  There is a schedule posted on a wall of all the events that will take place on each day the expo is there.  I advise you to know the schedule and plan out your day there.  In between the down time when there isn’t a seminar or a stage show going on, it is then usually the best time to check out the booths.

The first star I got to meet was Alexis Ford.  I was extremely nervous!  Yes, they’re just normal people, but when you have only seen them in a certain state to then in front of you it’s almost unreal.  After getting a photo with her and having her sign some things I brought along, I was definitely more relaxed and ready to handle the rest of the day.  I then went on to meet Jenna Haze, Lexington Steele, and the legend Ron Jeremy!  One thing you should know is that 90% of the stars you meet do charge for buying and signing photos/dvds and also charge for taking pictures with them.  And everything is cash only, so make sure you have enough cash on hand.  Pictures usually cost anywhere from $15-$20 depending on what the star is charging.  What I thought was really cool is some of the stars bring Polaroid cameras in case you don’t have a camera with you!  When there is event going on on stage you definitely should check it out.  They’re always fun.  Be it a bunch of girls up there shaking their ass, tossing out freebies, or the stars taking questions, or little competitions/demonstrations, Exxxotica definitely puts on a good show.  At the end of the night my cheeks were pink. I was very flushed from all the excitement.

With that said, my second time was just as good.  I went to the expo held in Atlantic City, New Jersey of April 2013.  It was at the Trump Taj Mahal casino & hotel.  This time around I felt like a veteran.  I knew who was going to be attending.  I was really excited to meet Gianna Michaels, Jynx Maze, and James Deen.  I was also excited to meet with Michael Fattorosi who is a lawyer to the stars.  All the stars are very nice, and down to earth.  It was fun to see others experience what I experienced the first time.

I received a lot of comments from people on social media saying that I was “so lucky” to go.  You can be “lucky” too.  It’s open to the public. Check out their website for information.

One thing you should be aware of is the price on the web and the price at the expo for tickets may be different.  I noticed online for general admission the prices were listed as 45-60$ and once I got there it was a firm price of 60$.  And that wasn’t an online only price.  They also have a VIP admission (around 70-80$) and with that you receive a free shoulder bag that’s filled with little goodies and specials for going to after parties with the stars.  Also, all the girls who are dancing on the poles are working on tips.  So if you want them to pose for a picture or take a picture with them you do have to tip.  Be generous!

You may wonder why you have to pay the stars for a picture or autograph and that’s because they are there to work.  I’m sure if the event paid for each of them to appear, tickets for admission would be sky high.

Another tip for newbies is that even if your favorite star is supposed to be there, always confirm their signing times.  They may only be there for a few hours a day or only on certain days. Some people were quite disappointed that certain stars weren’t at their booths when they would stop to see them.

Everything expressed here is my own view on my experience to the expo.  To truly experience it you have to go to an event.  Although I’ve been told it doesn’t compare to the shows held in Vegas, for those of us who can’t make it out there, it’s a pretty damn good substitute.



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For pictures of the event you can check out Exxxotica’s website and Facebook page.