Unnecessary Inches


Recently a man came into my store and was asking for all sorts of products.  Unfortunately we didn’t have anything he was looking for so he had stated he would just have to go to Home Depot for them…(50 Shades much?)  Then he tells me the size of a cock ring he is looking for, 2″ and 1/4.  We did not have that in stock either, no strike that, we Never have any in that size!

He then says, “I know I’m larger than the average male, it’s so hard finding the right size.”  My first thought was wow good for you buddy!  Then my second thought was, why does he feel the need to “brag” about his hmmm thickness I should say.  My third thought was, why is he even sharing details like this with a stranger.  Is it because he is “bragging” or is he really that large.  Then I had another thought, if this man is the size he claims to be then I feel sorry for the woman who is performing oral on him, (her jaw must be hurting by the end!)

I confess, I measured my mouth when it was wide open and it is 1″ and 3/4, which would mean “Mr Horsecock” would not even be suitable for me!  Maybe I have a small mouth.  I would ask other women how wide their mouth opens to, but I’m pretty sure I would get a look like “what the fuck is wrong with her!”

Which brings me to my next topic.  Why do women want men with large penises?  It’s a known fact that the vaginal depth is 4-6 inches.  As a woman becomes more aroused, she can expand maybe up to another two inches.  So if you’re looking for men to be 10″ or bigger what in the world are you going to do with all of those unnecessary inches?  Is it just to be able to claim that your man is extremely large?  Because it’s a fact that there is no way you’re fitting a whole 10 incher inside you vaginally.

Finally, women should never judge a man based on size.  You can get plenty of pleasure with what a man has, and if you can not, then you should look into trying different positions and adding toys into the mix.




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