International Clitoris Awareness Week



May 6th-12th is International Clitoris Awareness Week!  This is the first time I’ve ever heard about it.  I think it’s a wonderful thing what Clitoraid does.  It’s such a shame what some women go through. 

Perfect timing considering it’s Masturbation Month!  Pay attention to the clit!  It has 8,000 nerve endings-that’s 3,000 more than a penis!  Guys, if you are unaware of how important the clit is, you need to work on that.  Clitoral stimulation through sex is amazing and will intensify a woman’s orgasm.  So while giving her oral, do not forget the clit!  Lick it, suck it, rub it, adore it!  While having sex, watch her rub it, or reach down and rub it for her.  

I was listening to XM radio last Friday and there was a discussion about it.  Men and women called in giving their thoughts about it and fellas, women are disappointed with you!  90% of the time during oral you are so focused on her pussy you do not wiggle your tongue up just a little further and lick her clit.  I can’t blame guys only.  Women you need to be more verbal and let a man know if he is not doing something right.  He would tell you if you’re head game was bad, right?  So when he’s down on you, relax.  As he’s doing his “moves” grab his head gently, or aggressively if you’re into that, and guide him where you want his tongue to go.  Talk to him through moans.  “Left..mmm.. Up.. to the right a little..mmm fuck.. that’s the fucking spot don’t fucking stop!”  The more reaction he gets from you, the more he knows to continue in certain spots.  If for some reason after that he still ignores it, I say do it yourself.  Rub it while he’s giving you oral, or feel free to keep a bullet or a toy pressed against your clit. 


Keep those orgasms coming! 



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