Teen Mom


Many of you have heard about Farrah Abraham and her new sex tape made with James Deen.  James Deen is one of the most popular male adult performers in the industry right now.  If you don’t know who Farrah is, she became known as part of MTV’s reality show Teen Mom.  The show follows young women who became pregnant with it’s main focus on the teens struggle with family, friends, school, and work, while navigating their way through motherhood.

Now in the past few weeks rumors were flying around about a sex tape.  All the bloggers were having the time of their life with this story.  The amount of hatred towards Farrah had skyrocketed.  Deenagers were mad.  I’ve been reading blogs, tweets, tumblr posts, anything related to the topic to try and figure out why everyone was so disgusted by this.  Comparisons to her and other celebrities were brought up.  I just want to know, if any woman makes a sex tape will we all be compared to Kim Kardashian and her rise to fame?

There is a lot of slut-shaming going on.  What a woman chooses to do with her sex life is her business.  Stop with all the nonsense that she is now a “slut”.  You do not know her sexual history, and even if you do, it’s her business.  Any decisions people make are things that they have to live with.  Judging them and saying cruel things will not make you better off in anyway.

The fact that she has a child, does that mean she’s not allowed to have sex or be nude on camera?  If that’s the case you might want to take a look at a lot of celebrities.  Porn actors have children.  Non porn actors have done nude spreads in Playboy.  People think that the celebs don’t think about how they will tell their children of things they’ve done.  I am sure Farrah will explain to her child, when the time is right, what she did.  This does not make her a bad mother.  Farrah is still young, and with or without a child she should be able to live her life the way she wants to live it.

The lies that were said while the tape was being made are one thing everyone is upset about.  Clearly if you follow the right posts, and if you understand the English language, you know that close to 98% of that was staged.  There are so many people who have created drama to get people talking.  Think of the music industry.  When a few rappers or singers start to “beef” they catch your attention.  Then their album comes out and you are quick to buy it because you want to know if there are any hidden messages in the songs about the persons.  It’s the same thing when it comes to sex tapes.

My personal thoughts on the tape… Well let’s just say if James Deen wasn’t in it, it would have sucked completely.  Farrah does play it off as he is her boyfriend.  She asks him to cuddle, calls him baby a few dozen times.  He plays along to a minimum.  Farrah has a beautiful body.  I’ve read that people think James wasn’t attracted to her because he kept going flaccid.  Do you know how many guys go flaccid in regular pornos, but they are also on a set and can take breaks here and there and then start rolling the cameras again.  The beauty of this film is the TV in the room shows a clock.  If you watch the clock you see that there is no stopping.  The camera continues to roll.   I also feel in a way with Farrah calling him boyfriend and what not, in the future if people are still talking about it, it looks and sounds like she is making a movie with her man.  Not some paid actor.  I think Farrah was smart to do anal.  Most celeb sex tapes are all oral and vaginal.  She gives everyone something extra that we are not used to seeing from celebs.

You can read opinions and reviews on her tape all day long.  I suggest instead of reading about it, buy the movie and watch it for yourself.  You might enjoy it!!


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