Make Your Penis Larger

The title looks like a spam email doesn’t it?


I had quite the day.  A couple came in who couldn’t look more opposite.  I’m 94% sure she was an escort.  She was grabbing products here and there and being extremely loud.  She came across the penis extensions and told him he needs to get one.

I myself.. (I’m not that rude!)  Then I felt really embarrassed for the man.  I don’t care if you’re an escort, a girlfriend, a wife, you do not- under no circumstances whatsoever- tell the man you’re with that he needs one.  Especially in public!

As a woman, I wouldn’t want anyone to know if my man has a small cock.  I’m pretty sure a man wouldn’t want his woman talking about his size either.  I also do know that when you’re in a sex shop you should never be the one to pick up the extension (it shows other people that you’re not satisfied.)  Let him look at them and let him decide if he needs one.

The sheer purpose of a penis extension is to add length and girth.  They come in all shapes and sizes and textures.  Some even glow in the dark!  That would be super creepy to see a man’s dick glow in the dark like some sort of creepy eel…
If you’re already confident with your size, but still want a little more, then go ahead and get an extension.  I’m sure your woman would enjoy a big surprise like that.  Don’t get crazy with how long you go because size is definitely not everything! (ie: Unnecessary Inches)

If you have a small cock, making it larger does not mean it will improve your sex game.  Everyone knows it’s the motion in the ocean.  And if your ocean is calm, then you my friend need more than a penis extension!

If you’re wondering how they feel, I have no idea.  I do wonder if it will feel more like a dildo instead of a cock.  I have a guy who comes in about once a month to buy a new extension.  I’m intrigued as to why he get’s a new one all the time.  Some day I’ll have the balls to ask him.  For now I’ll let it remain a mystery.

The Rabbit



“What is the most popular toy you sell?”  The answer, the rabbit.  There are many variations of this toy.  Different colors, names, sizes, material, shapes, etc.  I can personally vouch for this toy as being one of the best sex toys ever made.

I got my first rabbit in 2006.  I was intimidated by it at first.  I didn’t know what the big fuss was about it.  It was pink and white.  With white beads inside.  I waited for a day off to try it.  I wanted to be relaxed and home alone.  Took it out of the box and cleaned it.  Which I should say, you should always do before you use a new toy, because you never know if the package had been opened prior to you buying it!  Popped in a porn to watch and sat there with the toy just looking at it.  I turned the vibration part on and played around with the different speeds.  It is very powerful, and to me, the low speed felt high!  Then I messed around with the rotation.  It also has different speeds of rotating.  As I used it, I kept the rotation part off.  It was amazing on vibration alone.  Once I turned on the rotation, I was done in under a minute.  Also, the bunny ears for the clit stimulation were so powerful it would drive any woman over edge.  I can’t believe that such a toy would make me feel weak, in a good way!  I remember not using it for a while because it was just too much for me at that time.  A few weeks passed and I pulled out Mr Bunny.  Yes, I gave it a name.  Pretty soon it became my go-to for a great orgasm.  I used it very frequently.  I admit I turned down sex a few times because I enjoyed being alone and using the rabbit.  I then let my boyfriend use it on me.  His facial expressions were quite priceless when he seen what it did to me.  When it was his “turn” I was exhausted already!  Needless to say that time was one for the books!!  I ended up getting rid of the rabbit because I felt that I had become too attached to it.  Perhaps addicted to it?  I knew that even if I kept it in the house I would eventually give in and use it.  What can I say, my will power was shot!

So when men and women come in the store and ask me what I recommend, I always say the rabbit.  Like I said previously there are probably close to hundreds of different rabbits.  Lots of toys that vibrate, rotate, and have some sort of “bunny ears” for clitoral stimulation.  Prices do vary on them as well.  A good rabbit can cost you between $60-$120.  I assure you it is more than worth it.  Perfect for couples and or solo.

I also suggest to use a lubrication, if necessary.  You never want to use a toy if you’re not sufficiently lubricated.  Also make sure you clean your toys after every use and dry them.  If you don’t clean your toys you could get a bacteria infection.  Buy yourself a toy cleaner, they are only $6-$10 and well worth the money spent.


Hope you enjoyed my confession for the night.  Feedback is always welcomed.  You can reach me here or on Twitter @officialj 🙂