Pop Rocks Saturday

Pop Rocks

 We were shopping Thursday afternoon and while strolling down the candy aisle I saw a three pack of Pop Rocks.  I didn’t hesitate to pick them up.  Especially with what I had planned for them.  It was supposed to be Pop Rocks Friday, but we ended up being too busy.  Saturday afternoon had come and gone and we were finally able to sit down and relax.  Popped in the Wolf of Wall Street DVD and half way through it I had a slight oral craving.  Paused the movie and grabbed a pouch, Tropical Punch to be exact.  I honestly didn’t know how well this would work out, it was my first time adding something to the mix.

Everyone knows how Pop Rocks works.  As soon as you pop them in your mouth, they start to fizz and pop about.  They can only work on a wet surface.  So I thought it wouldn’t make much sense to pop them in my mouth and then give head.  I figured they would be too rough on the skin of the penis if it wasn’t well lubricated first.  I spent a good five minutes “lathering” him up.  My throat tingles at the pure memory of it.  I ripped open the pouch, asked if he was ready, we chuckled over it for a second, poured some in my mouth and went to town.  I could feel them popping about wildly in my mouth.  They were popping on his cock too, to which I found afterwards wasn’t a strong sensation.  It produced a lot more saliva, which then created more of a mess for me to clean up.  There were some that didn’t quite fully pop and they sort of pooled up together at the base of him.  Made it fun to deep-throat him and suck it all up.  The added flavor was a bonus I must admit.  Compared to the usual saliva taste, the fruitiness was delightful.

The afterglow of it all it what I enjoy best.  It’s pretty amazing how turned on I get from making him explode.  Would I use the Pop Rocks again?  Maybe.  Perhaps there is a trick to it that I haven’t quite mastered.  There may have been too much lubrication.  Or not enough Pop Rocks.  There is always room for improvement.  🙂


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International Clitoris Awareness Week



May 6th-12th is International Clitoris Awareness Week!  This is the first time I’ve ever heard about it.  I think it’s a wonderful thing what Clitoraid does.  It’s such a shame what some women go through. 

Perfect timing considering it’s Masturbation Month!  Pay attention to the clit!  It has 8,000 nerve endings-that’s 3,000 more than a penis!  Guys, if you are unaware of how important the clit is, you need to work on that.  Clitoral stimulation through sex is amazing and will intensify a woman’s orgasm.  So while giving her oral, do not forget the clit!  Lick it, suck it, rub it, adore it!  While having sex, watch her rub it, or reach down and rub it for her.  

I was listening to XM radio last Friday and there was a discussion about it.  Men and women called in giving their thoughts about it and fellas, women are disappointed with you!  90% of the time during oral you are so focused on her pussy you do not wiggle your tongue up just a little further and lick her clit.  I can’t blame guys only.  Women you need to be more verbal and let a man know if he is not doing something right.  He would tell you if you’re head game was bad, right?  So when he’s down on you, relax.  As he’s doing his “moves” grab his head gently, or aggressively if you’re into that, and guide him where you want his tongue to go.  Talk to him through moans.  “Left..mmm.. Up.. to the right a little..mmm fuck.. that’s the fucking spot don’t fucking stop!”  The more reaction he gets from you, the more he knows to continue in certain spots.  If for some reason after that he still ignores it, I say do it yourself.  Rub it while he’s giving you oral, or feel free to keep a bullet or a toy pressed against your clit. 


Keep those orgasms coming! 



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Unnecessary Inches


Recently a man came into my store and was asking for all sorts of products.  Unfortunately we didn’t have anything he was looking for so he had stated he would just have to go to Home Depot for them…(50 Shades much?)  Then he tells me the size of a cock ring he is looking for, 2″ and 1/4.  We did not have that in stock either, no strike that, we Never have any in that size!

He then says, “I know I’m larger than the average male, it’s so hard finding the right size.”  My first thought was wow good for you buddy!  Then my second thought was, why does he feel the need to “brag” about his hmmm thickness I should say.  My third thought was, why is he even sharing details like this with a stranger.  Is it because he is “bragging” or is he really that large.  Then I had another thought, if this man is the size he claims to be then I feel sorry for the woman who is performing oral on him, (her jaw must be hurting by the end!)

I confess, I measured my mouth when it was wide open and it is 1″ and 3/4, which would mean “Mr Horsecock” would not even be suitable for me!  Maybe I have a small mouth.  I would ask other women how wide their mouth opens to, but I’m pretty sure I would get a look like “what the fuck is wrong with her!”

Which brings me to my next topic.  Why do women want men with large penises?  It’s a known fact that the vaginal depth is 4-6 inches.  As a woman becomes more aroused, she can expand maybe up to another two inches.  So if you’re looking for men to be 10″ or bigger what in the world are you going to do with all of those unnecessary inches?  Is it just to be able to claim that your man is extremely large?  Because it’s a fact that there is no way you’re fitting a whole 10 incher inside you vaginally.

Finally, women should never judge a man based on size.  You can get plenty of pleasure with what a man has, and if you can not, then you should look into trying different positions and adding toys into the mix.




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